Named a Best Employer by Capital magazine (17th in the High-Tech category), we are one of the top employers in the IT consulting industry. In 2017/2018, we plan to recruit more than 1,000 talents in France and 2,300 worldwide. Digital transformation is now more a reality than ever. Our goal is to offer opportunities through value-added projects in a variety of fields. Embark on an enriching and above all fulfilling career by joining the #FUNgineer community. | Technical Vibes are Contagious :)

Who are #FUNgineers?

Most of the contracts we offer are permanent contracts. We are mainly looking for engineers and holders of Master's degrees, but personality and experience play an important role in the recruitment process, so come as you are :) As a leader in France's IT consulting industry, our role is also to support the development of new professions in ever-changing sectors. We are looking to build our expertise in the areas of big data, cloud computing, and infrastructure/cybersecurity.

#FUNgineers wanted throughout France

Wherever you want to live in France, we can offer you a job thanks to our agencies in all of the country's most attractive cities. 400 future #FUNgineers are wanted in Ile-de-France/Centre (Paris, Meudon, Bourges), 200 in the southeast (Aix en Provence/Sophia Antipolis/Montpellier), 60 in Rhône-Alpes (Lyon/Grenoble), more than 45 in Lille, 15 in Strasbourg, 180 in the west (Nantes, Rennes, Le Mans, Caen, Brest, Lannion, and Niort), and 200 in the southwest (Toulouse, Bordeaux). Join us now to help develop the cities of tomorrow, transportation, connected homes, clean energy, e-commerce, digital battlefields, online banking, and improved communication.

#FUNgineer: a strong, revolutionary corporate culture

SII offers everyone the possibility of becoming a #FUNgineer. #FUNgineer is a movement of university graduates/engineers who are proud to play a role in projects that are changing the world. Joining the #FUNgineer community means being able to excel through enriching training programs (technology, Lean, Agile, communications, etc.), strengthen your passion for technology by participating in conferences (#DevoxxFR, #DevFest, etc.), leverage your talent by sharing with others on SII's technical blog, and enhance your skills through events such as technical lunches, after work events, and an internal e-learning platform. Being a #FUNgineer also means building your own community through fun internal events such as agency cocktail parties or impromptu happy hours and communicating with a local structure that listens to your ideas. 

Raising our ambitions

On March 1, SII and FEEL EUROPE joined together to become a leader in the digital transformation of the banking, insurance, and mutual insurance industry. Find your career in IT by viewing our job offers at (over 130 job offers).

About SII

SII is an IT consulting company with 66 agencies in 18 countries. 7,000 #FUNgineers work every day in navigating digital transformation for our clients. A company with strong human values, we strive to encourage diversity. We welcome disabled employees, are a partner in the Elles Bougent movement, and have signed the French Diversity Charter.