As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy, SII has made sustainable development a focus of its future objectives.

SII is now developing its Corporate Social Responsibility policy by working on a harmonized approach to three areas of sustainable development: a fair economic policy, rational environmental measures, and fairness in the labor and social practices of our subsidiaries, agencies, and facilities.

SII has made a commitment in these different areas and stepped up dialogue with its shareholders, employees, customers, and all stakeholders associated with its activities. SII subscribes to industry codes of conduct, such as those of Syntec Numérique (France) and the EICC Code of Conduct (Romania), to promote best practices.

SII's corporate culture is based on commitment, transparency, trust, and professionalism. We are aware of the reach of our activities throughout the world, and we strive to limit their impact as much as possible.

SII is committed to implementing the recommendations of the United Nations Global Compact and the universal principles of human rights, labor standards, environmental protection, and corruption prevention. We aim to sign the Global Compact in 2016.

SII's investment in sustainable development is not a matter of mere optimism; it is a way to improve our company's economic performance.

Promoting sustainable development is not just a trendy thing to do. It reduces expenses (by saving fuel, energy, and paper), improves employee morale, and fosters internal consensus.

It also offers us a competitive advantage, both in attracting customers and recruiting new employees.

Our objectives are ambitious, and so far, we have been able to meet them. But we do not intend to stop there or rest on our laurels.

Our social, environmental, and economic achievements are just the first step in meeting our objectives. The second consists of sustaining these achievements in the future.

Our efforts are not shortsighted; our action plans include monitoring our practices and ensuring their sustainability over time.

SII aims to be a responsible company that respects its employees, its customers, and the environment, with a humble but ambitious system of governance.

That, in short, is how we tackle sustainable development: by focusing on a few aspects on a daily basis in order to quantify our approach.

SII aims to maintain internal social cohesion and its employees' adherence to its corporate values, all while remaining competitive.

'Sustainable development is development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.' – Rio Earth Summit, 1992.


SII is committed to its employees

SII's success and the satisfaction of its customers depend directly on the quality of its employees.

  • SII aims to remain attractive by offering employees permanent contracts and by building its employer brand

    In 2015, 70% of new hires received permanent contracts
  • SII encourages the integration of interns and apprentices in France and internationally and often converts their work-study contracts and internship agreements into job offers.

  • SII facilitates employer-employee relations by dialoguing with every employee and providing insight into key issues for the company (through internal surveys conducted since 2004, follow-up meetings, career development meetings, agency meetings, etc.).

    of employees said that SII was at least as good as other employers
  • SII France fights workplace discrimination and promotes diversity (gender equality, hiring and inclusion of disabled workers, youth, and seniors).

    In 2015, SII had employees of 47 different nationalities.

  • Employee health and safety is a priority for SII (prevention plans at customer sites where our employees work, radiation safety certification).

  • We encourage our employee's professional development by dedicating a significant portion of our total payroll costs to training.

    In 2015, 30% of staff received training.


SII is committed to its customers

There can be no sustainable development without the sustainable satisfaction of our customers.

  • Agencies, which are the foundation of our organization, offer better responsiveness and closer proximity to our local customers. This model allows each agency to develop initiatives that are in line with both the company's strategy and the local context.
  • Our customer-centered approach aims to attract large numbers of long-term customers. We aim to provide them with services with high technological added value, ensuring their competitiveness and sustainability. This approach draws on our professionalism, commitment, and responsiveness.
  • SII guarantees the quality of its services through a Quality System based on ISO 9001: 2008 and EN 9100: 2010 standards and the CMMI model.

    SII develops relationships with other industry professionals
    • SII is a member of Syntec Numérique, the largest professional union in the French IT industry. We help calculate the Syntec Index, and Patrice Demay, head of French Operations at SII, is also Vice President of the Syntec Numérique Board of Directors.

    • Our local involvement is enhanced by our participation in working groups related to key areas of our local markets. These groups provide SII with cutting-edge IT knowledge and skills.

    • SII helps young people through partnerships and exchanges with a large number of schools and universities.

    SII is committed to civil society

    • Employees of SII's French agencies rally every year to support the Red Cross. Their donations of diapers and baby formula are matched by local agencies and corporate management in the form of financial contributions.
    • Some of our agencies work to help guide young job seekers into IT careers

    • Our agencies entrust their used paper and ink cartridges to specialized local recycling associations that also work to reintegrate workers.

    • SII has developed the çATED mobile application, a daily calendar for people with autism.

    • SII supports and participates in local and regional initiatives aimed at promoting excellence among companies committed to sustainable development.


    Despite the limited environmental impact of its business, SII is committed to reducing that impact wherever possible. Our company has adopted formal policies to manage environmental issues and reduce the environmental impacts of its activities.

    • Our ISO 14001-certified sites take an active approach to making continuous progress through concrete actions.

    • SII agencies recycle paper and cardboard, ink cartridges, IT equipment (desktop and laptop computers, printers, and screens), batteries, and light bulbs. Our sites are equipped with selective sorting bins. Once it is sorted, our waste is often recycled.

    • In 2015, SII conducted its first carbon audit for all French agencies under its operational control. The pilot agency in Sophia met the target of reducing its carbon footprint by 2%.