SII’s corporate culture is based on enduring principles.

Commitment and dependability

At SII, the chains of command are short. Each position is described in a quality system reference book and staff members have the resources and responsibilities that go with their jobs. All feedback of information and suggestions of a commercial or operational nature are encouraged and welcome. Career development is planned in-house, with due consideration to human values.


The Company’s employees, shareholders and clients receive fair, up-to-date, exhaustive and easy-to-understand information about its operations. The results, trends, objectives and branch office activities are not considered confidential. Those transparency principles also apply to hiring, as management does its best to inform job applicants about what to expect if they join SII’s staff.


At SII, we place our trust in people – a principle on which relationships within the Company are based. That approach requires, in return, that employees place quality first and fully adhere to the Company’s goals and endorse its corporate culture.

Quality and professional standards

These are the Company’s traditional values, the legacy of engineers who came from the technical side. Even though this culture has acquired a commercial dimension over time, it remains dominant. All management positions, including those of senior executives, are held by engineers.