Why choose SII ?

A conversation with...

Maud Lorant

Hiring manager

What does SII do?

Maud Lorant:
We accompany our customers through digital transformation. Our experience comes from our technological expertise, and we use our knowledge to facilitate digital transformation in a number of sectors. This includes working with the defense industry on the digital battlefield, alongside telecom operators to build high-speed networks and the Internet of Things, on the energy transition, on multi-modal public transportation, on multi-channel distribution, on the banks of the future, and more. Digital transformation also impacts how we work, making us more agile, more flexible, faster, and more connected to our network of partners.

What kind of work do SII engineers do?

Maud Lorant: SII accompanies its customers throughout the entire life of a project, from pre-project consulting and research to engineering and development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. We work on technical and industrial systems, such as telecoms and networks, embedded systems, systems administration, object-oriented technologies, real-time technologies, and low-level interfaces. In the fields of banking, information systems, and NICTs, we provide services related to business intelligence, internet/intranet, database administration, trading rooms, risk management, and more.

What are the company's values?

Maud Lorant: The corporate culture at SII is centered around dedication, empowerment, transparency, trust, and professionalism.

Is there a vision for the future of the company that you share with new hires?

Maud Lorant: We are #FUNgineers. That concept came from men and women who one day said to themselves, 'Society is changing. We want to shake things up, think outside the box, and share our enthusiasm with others.' What do we think is the best way to shake things up? By innovating! We're pushing boundaries and changing the way things are done. We believe innovating means working differently and taking inspiration from the internet giants who have transformed our world in just a few years. The fact is that technology is now at the heart of everything, and you have to master it quickly, otherwise you'll miss out and never be able to catch up. It's up to the engineer to master these technologies and share them with others.

What type of employees are you looking for?

Maud Lorant: During the 2017-2018 fiscal year, we plan to hire 2,300 people company-wide, including 1000 in France. We plan to hire both beginning and experienced professionals, mainly with engineering or university degrees. We are hiring in every area and field of digital technology. Employees are hired by our agencies, so applicants should consult the list of available positions in each region by clicking here.

What sets SII apart?

Maud Lorant: SII is a team of engineers whose adventure began 37 years ago with its founder and first consultant. Today that adventure continues with 8 000 employees working at 66 sites in 18 countries. The company's growing success is the result of our employees' technical and interpersonal skills, their professionalism, their confidence, their creativity, and their ability to work together and take joy in their work. I think what sets SII apart is its friendly work environment, technical expertise, and the opportunity for all of its employees to grow in their careers.

What else would you like to say about SII?

Maud Lorant: SII's management is committed to the principles of corporate, environmental, and social responsibility. SII applies the recommendations of the United Nations Global Compact and the universal principles of human rights, labor standards, environmental protection, and fighting corruption. SII has signed the French Business Diversity Charter and has had a company-wide agreement on employment and the integration of persons with disabilities since 2009 (renewable every 4 years).

How can I keep up with news about SII?

Maud Lorant: By following us every day on social media sites such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter : @GroupeSII. You'll find information about technological developments, job offers, our public and private events, and our technological partnerships.